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Submitted on
October 25, 2012


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***I'm only reposting this to remind you! Anyone can enter, just comment your input! (original input, not just supporting someone else's idea. Well you can of course, but that won't let you win the contest. :XD: )

So I'm eventually making a group. Eventually. And heck, for all I know, it could still be an IF. People piss me off anymore about it and I won't do it at all.

Anywho~ Finding a name for the friggin thing is the toughest part of the whole task! D: So I need YOUR help to give me some inspiration!

:bulletred: Comment here on any ideas you have as far as a name itself or ways to brainstorm ideas.

:bulletpink: Link here on the music you love and think is thought-provoking. I'm not much into really digital-sounding autotune stuff ( I do however listen to Vocaloid. Not much a fan of the music most of the time, however there are many deep videos with those characters.) I'm mostly into rock/soft rock from Canada (Three Days Grace, Nickelback, My Darkest Days, Theory of a Deadman, etc )But I am open to most other types so give it a go and I'll listen to everything you link!

:bulletpurple: ANYTHING, people! Just give me some way to think!

You could consider this a contest, as the video/song/idea/method/inspiration that ultimately leads me to a final decision for the group name will: ........

:bulletyellow: Receive one FULL, Full-body, Background, Colored (unless requested otheriwse) digital  drawing of an OC of yours, or fanart you request.



:bulletblue: Receive a VIP Pass to be a Secretary within this said group. </u>

So let me give you a breakdown of WHAT this group is about:

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletwhite: Located just a few miles northwest of San Francisco Bay, _____(Name of Organization)'s HQ is a large estate run by a man named Verin upon a small but busy city island. This city, referred to by locals as _____ (Need a name for this too :XD: ), is bustling with life of all sorts- from Messenger Angels, demons, Nekos, Fairies, Purebloods to Hybrids, anything with mostly human attributes- reside here. It's the only place where man has not fully confiscated from beneath their feet- a mere little island as a reservation. Supposedly labeled as a refuge, only the ones residing here see the contradiction that has become.
Jobs among the members of this organization include: Hitman/assassin, Recorder, Thief, Spy, Bait, and Diversion among many other jobs to be released as the group officially opens.

This is just a tiny snippet of all there is to release, so now that I recently have a break in homework, I'll work on this! :XD:


  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Canadian rock
  • Watching: M.A.S.H.
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I would give you music ideas but me and you like the exact same bands and music haha so I'd be no help xD
Pfffft true XD Who knows though, you could remind me of a really good song I might have forgotten about! :XD:
prolly lol
Maybe you'd like Framing Hanley? I like that band especially his song Lollipop
Umm Limp Bizkit Behind blue eyes?
And I like Gorillaz, especially the song Dare
Oh my god, you're right, we do like the same music. LMAO XDDDD I love Lollipop (I usually don't like really dirty music, but it's sooooo catchy .__. ) and Behind Blue Eyes! Haven't listened to Lollipop in awhile, but I just heard the other one the other day! XD Not sure if I heard the Gorillaz song before, I'll check it out when I can. :meow:
Lol told ya we liked the same music~ xD
You should~ haha
I also like maybe someday by Teen Hearts but it's kinda an exception
And I like Angels on the moon by Thriving Ivory
Hmmm I haven't heard of those now, I'll check those out too! >w<
WintersRead Dec 2, 2012  Student Photographer
I'm going to suggest Into Oblivion [Reunion] by Funeral For a Friend. [link]
Thank you for participating! I'll listen to it! :)
For music I would suggest Greenday, Matalica, Black Sabbath, Queen, thePianoGuys, and a ton of others. I HIGHLY recommend the PianoGuys they have a Youtube channel and their music is soo TT_TT
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